The Merino Wool

mouton1-jpg    The Merino Sheep

The Merino is a breed of sheep that has a dense and curly fleece producing an abundant, comfortable and resistant wool.

Three times thinner than traditional wool, it does not scratch. The most sensitive skins will appreciate its softness and delicateness.

It is very warm and easily regulates air flows and temperature which makes it perfect for blankets and clothes.

Each Merino sheep produces the equivalent of 5500 miles of fiber every year!

95771eaa9165a23fd99f3501d60db62b-jpg    The XXL Wool

The Super Comfy wool allows you to knit cozy blankets directly with your hands.

You won’t need needles nor need to carry your creations on your arms.

With a 2 inches super chunky mesh, your creations will be of an unmatched comfort!

Check out our tutorials by following this link: youtube

picto-quality_0    Exceptional Features

Our Super Comfy wool has unusual qualities:

  • 100% natural and of unparalleled finesse
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Maintains optimum heat

You will always be warm without ever getting too hot!


picto-feuille    Environmental Impact

Super Comfy is committed to control its environmental impact by working exclusively with European breeders.

entretien    How to take care of your wool

We recommend to have your wool dry cleaned by a professional. Should you choose not to do so, you can wash it by hand with a soft “wool friendly” soap. Lay your blanket as flat as possible when letting it dry to avoid deformations.