Our Story

43212    Our Story :

Super Comfy was born on a rainy afternoon as we know too well in Belgium.

Icy winds rushed beneath the door and monotonous grayness gradually invaded the spirits.

We had to find a solution to bring warmth to the hearts.

We decided that Super Comfy would offer an incredibly soft and comfortable high quality natural wool.

The majority of Merino sheep comes from Australia and Argentina but in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activity, we decided to promote and collaborate with European craftsmen.

After weeks of research, several producers on the old continent were chosen for the project.

All our products are unique and hand-knitted. We offer ready-to-use blankets or knitting kits with explanations for making your own cozy nest.

Super Comfy wool is the perfect gift – For you and your loved ones!

hand-heart-icon    Social Impact :

And since everyone does not have the chance to be warm at night, the Super Comfy team donates 10% of its profits to the Red Cross‘s Winter Action Plan.

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